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16.12.2016: 3rd PRC submitted its report to the Govt Com V K Tomar, President/NCOA and Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA met the Member (Secretary), 3rd PRC today. The PRC report will be in the public domain in another 2 to 3 days.

10.12.2016: STRIKE POSTER

10.12.2016:"CONGRATULATIONS" to all comrades worked tirelessly to make SNEA as the RECOGNISED MAJORITY ASSOCIATION OF BSNL EXECUTIVES<view order>
09-12-2016:SNEA(I) Dharmapuri SSA  congradulates all the comrades who voted, Retired comrades and Veteran leaders who worked hard to achieve this grande victory.

09-12-2016 : Congratulations!! We won in 17 out off 20 Districts. Grand victory for SNEA in Tamilnadu.


Total Votes
CBT 421 396 189 155 21 19 4   2 13
CDL 136 131 77 54            
DPI 97 95 54 40     1      
ERD 167 164 82 44 26         8
KKD 90 88 49 31 7          
KMB 98 93 45 34 10          
MDU 346 340 220 87 13           5
NGC 143 140 79 44   1   12    
NIL 53 49 30 14 1   1      
PY 97 97 57 26   13        
SLM 244 229 128 94   12 3     1
TNJ 116 113 51 55 6         1
TR 333 329 77 140 66 44        
TVL 169 160 94 38 26   3   1  
TT 90 85 66 16            
VLR 150 145 48 94   1        
VGR 111 107 57 34 14          
Chennai 407 387 212 116 12 15     5  
STR 137 124 67 53 5 1        
STP 69 65 37 23   3     1  
Total 3466 3355 1719 1192 207 109 12 12 9 23

01.12.2015:   SNEA Dharmapuri wishes Happy and prosperous New Year 2016 to all comrades.

01.12.2015:  SNEA Diary for 2016 issued to all branches.Please collect them from Branch secretaries.

01.12.2015:  Service With A Smile  (S W A S) inaguration: 
CMD BSNL Shri.Anupam Srivastava in the presence of all Directors, Association / Union leaders addressed on the importance of implementation of SWAS (Service With A Smile) with effect from 1st January 2016. He emphasized on the need of extension of SWAS beyond 100 days also and contribute to the growth of BSNL. CHQ president Com.A.A.Khan and AGS Com.P.Padmanabha Rao have attended from our Association

01.12.2015: IDA Increase 4.5 % (from 107.9 to 112.4) from 01.01.2016

10.11.2015:  DIWALI WISHES

24th Circle Conference of SNEA TN Circle Held on 5th and 6th November-2015 at Krishnagiri in a grand manner and it was a grand success.
The following comrades were elected as Circle Office Bearers. Dharmapuri district union wishes the new team to achieve new heights.

President : Com. Balasubramanian.S , AGM, Circle Office

Vice President 1 : Com. Asokan.R, DE, Cuddalore
Vice President 2 : Com. Sreekumar.T, DGM, IMPCS, Coimbatore

Secretary : Com. Rajasekar.R, SDE, O/o CGM, STP, Chennai

Treasurer : Com. Kankesh.P.S, SDE (ERP), Circle Office

Assistant Circle Secretaries
1. Com. Chandrasekaran.M, SDE, Madurai
2. Com. Kishore Kumar.K.J, JTO, Circle office
3. Com. Thiyagarajan.M.R, DE, Salem
4. Com. Senthur Pandian.T.K, SDE, Coimbatore
5. Com. Alagarsamy.N, DE, Madurai

Circle Organising Secretaries
1. Com. Murugavel.T.K, SDE, Electrical
2. Com. Palaniappan.K, SDE, Thanjavur
3. Com. Balakrishnan.N, DE, Cuddalore
4. Com. Ramkumar.S, JTO, REM, Chennai
5. Com. Govindarajan.P, SDE, Virudhunagar 

CWC Members
1. Com. Rose Cyril Xavier.M, SDE, Nagercoil
2. Com. Venkataraman.I.M, JTO, Civil, Chennai
3. Com. Muthiyal.R, AGM, Coonoor
4. Com. Muthu.H, SDE, STR, Tirunelveli
5. Com. Sampath.V, SDE, Pondicherry
6. Com. Marimuthu.V, SDE, Circle Office

15.10.2015:     24th Circle Conference of SNEA.,TN Circle...
                  For the Kind Attention of Dist.Secys... 
   Food & Accomondation will be available from 
   04-11-15 @ 1700 Hrs(Dinner) to 06-11-15(Dinner).
   All are requested to reserve accordingly...


09.10.2015 : IDA orders issued  <<order>>

08.10.2015 : chq news:

Agenda meeting with DIR(HR) on 08.10.2015 at 05.00 PM on the following issues:

1.  30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.

2.  Promotions in different cadres and finalization of new seniority lists as per para 206 and LDCE: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE(TF).

3.  Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns: a) making changes in the new Recognition Rules, b) deduction of subscription from the salary and c) restoration of trade union facilities.

4.  Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d) annual increment @ 3% of current basic pay.


 Meeting with CGM/TN Circle...

Circle President, Circle Secretary, Com. R.Rajan, CHQ Treasurer  and Com.Valanarasu,
CEC Member / TT SSA met CGM/TN Circle 
and discussed the following issues.
1. Grace marks in TTA to JTO Exam...
   After our Repeated requests,CGM/TN Circle agreed to do one more Exercise in this regard and we can expect some more successful candidates in near future.
2.Relieving of Rule 8 Transfer cases...
   All the Officers who already got transfer orders from Circle Office,will be relieved with in this month.After that, Orders will be issued to Next Set of officers...
3. GM LA Arrangement...
   After detailed discussion,CGM/TN Circle replied that Favorable Decision will be taken with in Reasonable Time Frame.4. JTO to SDE LA...
   Orders will be issued with in a couple of Days for 147 Officers.
5. GPRS Facility to Executives...
    Issue will be reconsidered.
6. Transfer case of Com.Murugesan.,DE/TR SSA...
   CGM/TN Circle assured to give personal attention in this matter.
7. Unnecessary notices displayed in Notice Board in KMB SSA...
   Reason behind this Episode is explained to CGM/TN Circle and action will be taken accordingly.We sincerely thank our CGM/TN Circle for her patient hearing.
   At last, we explained the activities taken by our SNEA,for Development & Revenue Growth through out the TN Circle and especially in TT.,NGC & DPI SSAs.
   Finally, we invited our Beloved CGM/TN Circle to attend our 24TH Circle Conference at KRISHNAGIRI on 05-11-15 evening for which Madam readily      accepted our invitation. 
 - CS/TN.  

17.06.2015  :                                  FAREWELL FUNCTION TO Com.Voomai Jayaraman.,CFS/TN... INVITATION
04.06.2015:            Night free call facility in landline

Forum to conduct campaign among public from 08th June to 07th July, 2015:

Forum decided to popularize the scheme among public and to take maximum efforts to increase landline connections and improve the quality of service. Forum called upon all the employees to participate in the campaign.

This is a golden opportunity to restore the glory of landline and repair the network by special efforts.

The Forum taken the following decisions:

a) Conduct month long campaign from 08th June to 07th July to popularize the scheme.

b) Forum at Circle/SSA level will meet the Circle/SSA heads latest by 15th June and chalk out joint action plan.

c) Massive campaign should be unleashed among public involving maximum employees. Publicity through advertisements, display of flex board, posters etc can be done.

d) Melas can be organized wherever it is possible.

e) Customers disconnected in the recent past can be approached by the employees for taking reconnection.

f) Special efforts to make landline fault free. Additional fund/store required for repairing cable fault etc to be taken up.

g) Shortage of stores, materials, funds etc should be immediately taken up with SSA heads and Circle administration by the Forum. If the issues are not settled at circle level, it should be escalated to BSNLCO and brought to the notice of the GSs for further action.

h) The progress of registration of waiting list and provision of connections should be monitored by the Forum at SSA and Circle level regularly.

i) The monthly progress can be reported to CHQ and it will be published in the website also.

Comrades, this is a golden opportunity and we have to fully involve in this to provide maximum connections. CMD and Directors assured that they will provide all the logistics and don’t hesitate to escalate the matters to CMD and Directors.

06.05.2015:                                                         Congrats to one and all !
                  CMD called for discussion on Charter of demands. After detailed discussions with CMD, DIR HR, ED(Fin) and Sr GM(SR) on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances given by Mangement that issues would be resolved by 15th August 2015, CHQ has decided to Call off the Trade Union actions.

·        Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

·        Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

·        Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

·        First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

·        Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.


02.05.2015:         Meeting with Secretary, DoT by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations:
                 In continuation of the discussion with BSNL Management, Forum leaders held detailed discussions with Secretary(DoT) on the charter of demands on which BSNL employees gone for two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015. CMD/BSNL,Special Secretary(T),Member(Services),Member(Finance),USO Administrator, Joint Secretary(T),ED (Finance),Sr. GM (SR) andDirector (PSU) were present in the meeting. Sec(T) assured that Govt is committed to support BSNL and at the same time BSNL should improve the services to retain the subscribers. Govt is getting lot of complaints even from MPs and Ministries about the poor services and even they are opposing any assistance to BSNL due to poor quality of services. This problem has to be addressed by BSNL Mgt and employees together, then DoT will be in a better position to extend help to BSNL from various agencies, Secretary told us. The discussion continued for about two hours on various issues. GS attended the meeting on behalf of SNEA(I).

02.05.2015:   BSNL Corporate office Intranet - <New login procedure reg>

02.05.2015: Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from Internal candidates.< Click here to view Notification>

Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from External candidates.<< Click here to view Notification>>


 The Two Days Strike made a Very Serious Remark 
in the History of BSNL...This is the First Time,
 the STRIKE was 100% Successful and all the 
Members understood the Ground Reality.
 Our CHQ says that the STRIKE is a Total success and the increase in the figure shows that the awareness reached at grass root level. Forum is waiting for the outcome of the discussion scheduled for 25th to decide the future course of actions...
Once again We,on behalf of SNEA(I),Dharmapuri District Union, congratulate one and all who stood like a Rock to achive this goal...
 - Com.B.Mahesh Kumar,D/S  Com.S.T.Sathyendran,D/P   Com.P.Suganthi Baskaran,DFS            

21.04.2015: Seeding of AADHAR number in Salary Package, Service Books,Pension papers and PPO   <<view order>>

21.04.2015:  LDCE for JTO to SDE under 33% quota notified. Date of exam 21.06.2015. <<<order copy>>>


20.04.2015:   Ensure 100% participation Srtike on 21st and 22nd Apr-2015.All employees should participate in the two days "stay out strike " to "SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION ".

** success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees.

**The two days "Stay out strike by abstaining from duty will be from 00 Hrs of 21st to 24 Hrs of 22nd April, 2015".
**Forum has to conduct demonstration infront of all Circle, SSA HQs and all major stations on both days.

09-04-2015:  As per circle office instruction GPF advance /Withdrawal for Apr-2015 must

                        be applied, Sanctioned  and paid through ERP. Please apply for GPF before
                        16.04.2015 in ESS portal. Procedure to apply in ESS postal is noted below.

 Benefits and Payments--->GPF-->GPF details--> GPF withdrawal details-->Create GPF withdrawal request-->submit
Benefits and Payments--->GPF-->GPF application print--> print.
 Signed printout should be submitted to AO(drawal)

08-04-2015:  Next ALL INDIA CONFERENCE will be held atJAIPUR, Rajasthan Circle by First half of
                    August -2015. Exact dates will be announced later after consulting host circle.
                    AIC notice will be issued in due course.

06-04-2015:  Dear Comrades, prepare for 2days strike on 21 & 22.04.2015  <<<strike poster>>>

06-04-2015:  Dear Comrades,ensure 100% participation in Lunch hour demonstration on 15.04.2015 observing it as “DEMAND DAY” wearing badges:<<<badge Message>>>

06-04-2015:                    Attention  Branch secretaries
Agitation on HR issues from 07.04.2015
SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested send Fax to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR)/BSNL and DIR(CFA)/ BSNL on 07.04.2015 on the charter of demands. In case FAX is not able to send, then mail should be send to the respective email ids with copy to SNEA(I), CHQ:
CMD/ BSNL:  Fax No: 011-23371444, email
DIR HR: Fax No: 011-23734072, email id:
DIR(CFA): Fax No:  011-23734242, email id:
SNEA(I), CHQ : email id: <<< FAX message>>>

            Circle President of SNEA(I) / TN Circle Com.S.Sundarakrishnan, DGM /Regulations, Circle office / retires on superannuation today. He joined in the department on 07-09-1976 and rendered his valuable service for more than 38 years. He played many vital roles in the administration. He served for our beloved company BSNL and our organisation SNEA(I) with devotion. He is a good administrator who dealt many complicated problems and solved diplomatically. He maintained a good rapport with the Circle administration. Com.S.Sundarakrishnan is serving with commitment and dedication for 35 years (from 1980) in our association JETA(I), JTOA(I), TEOA(I) and SNEA(I) under different capacity as Branch Secretary / District Secretary / Asst. Circle Secretary / Circle Treasurer and Circle President.  

           Comrade, may your retired life be filled with happiness and accomplishment in all endeavours. We thank you for your unparalleled dedication & devotion. Wish you all the best on your retirement.

                 Today we met our GM,BSNL,Dharmapuri and submitted the resolution passed in our District executive meeting  held on 20/03/2015(<<>>)


                 IDA increased by 0.2%. It is reported that IDA has increased from 100.3% to 100.5%, i.e., a net increase of 0.2%,w.e.f. 01.04.2015.

28/03/2015: Declaration of Closed Holiday on 14-04-2015 on account of Birthday of Dr B R Ambedkar.

28/03/2015  BSNL offers New Courses for all Competitive Exams (Bank POs, SSC) 
                  BSNL is helping many students to achieve their dreams by providing good training courses with live environment in place and having the best experienced faculty at BSNL’s NATFM (National Academy of Telecom Finance and Management). Maintaing the same standards BSNL NATFM is also going to provide courses for BANK PO / CLERKS, SSC Clerical/officers,...
                 Along with the above course details, this course duration will be of 8 Weeks, Covers most of the syllabus required for today’s patterns and exam requirements. Course fees details are mentioned below.

Whom to Apply for BSNL IBT Course, and Fees
                 Any Under Graduate, Graduate and Post Graduate. Total Course Fees is Rs.8442(Admission Fee - 200, Course Fee- 6742, Course material fees - 1500).

How to Apply for BSNL IBT Training Course
                 Download the Application and send, the duly filled along with enclosures to The DGM (Trg) and BITA Programme Co-ordinator, O/o.CGM, NATFM, BSNL, RTTC Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032

27-03-2015 -E4 to E5 Promotions...Meeting with CGM/TN Circle...
             Today,CS met CGM/TN Circle and discussed about the E4 to E5 Promotions to SDEs & AOs.After Detailed Discussion,it is  agreed that Reply to Clarifications from Corporate office,would be expedited and Orders would be issued, as and  when it is received.If Clarifications are not received with in TWO WEEKS TIME,Decision will be taken with some conditions and orders will be issued...

                 Dear comrades,Our belowed GS has takenup the pay fixation option case of JAOs with DIR(HR) for Extending the option under para 3.6 of the 2nd PRC order for the Non Executives to the JAOs of 2010 batch qualified prior to 07.05.2010 but joined after 07.05.2010 due to delay in completion of training.

Father of Com.Purusotham JTO (internal), Krishnagiri  expired today.  SNEA(I) / DPI expresses heart felt condolences to his bereaved family members. Funeral on 28-01-2015 at Kuppam, AnderaPradesh.
Dear Comrades, Shri. Kala Chandar Father of our beloved SNEA District President Dharmapuri Shri K.Vidhyasagar passed away today i.e on 20.01.2015 at Papparapatti. SNEA(I), DPI conveys its deep condolences to the bereaved family members. Cremation will be held tommorow (21.01.2015) at 10 am.

The promotion orders of JAO to AO are being issued shortly (either today evening or on Monday) after getting the approval of Dir (HR).  Our CHQ has pursued for their postings in the same circle and agreed to be done to the extent of vacancies available in the respective circle. About 1550 promotions are expected. Approx- 1260- OC candidates ( Up to 2006), 205-  SC and 85 – ST candidates (Up to 2010)will be covered for the rectt. Year 2006 for OC and 2010 for SC/ST.
Firm and timely intervention of the association has ensured the appropriate representation of SC / ST comrades. JAO of 2010 batch will also get promotion in this list as strongly pursued by our CHQ. 


JTO to SDE Promotion: 
OA in Hon.CAT Ernakulam against JTO to SDE promotion Dismissed. This will pave way for promotion of JTOs to SDEs under seniority quota.

SNEA(I) is fully committed to the growth of the company and the career progression of the Executives. Our agenda and
focus for the next three years is as follows.

1. Make the organization fully profitable in another three years. Intervene in Government policy making with appropriate suggestions to protect the public sector against intrusion, disinvestment and encroachment and by this to ensure job security to the young comrades recruited by BSNL and DoT.
2. Emphasis to be laid on modern Management with greater role and involvement of the middle management.
3. A responsible, professional and corruption-free top management which has stakes in the welfare of the Company and only the Company. Deputation of ITS from DoT into BSNL should end. Legal and organizational actions will be pursued vigorously.
4. No subsidiaries by breaking BSNL into pieces.
5. Start preparations for 3rd PRC due in 2017, fully focusing on the growth of the company.
6. Implementation of 30% superannuation benefits in respect of Direct Rect BSNL employees and Executives in particular as per DPE guidelines.

7. Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3, ----, E7 w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the Executives in BSNL. The disparity in pay between the Executives recruited prior to and after 01.01.2007 to be resolved.
8. To fill up all the vacancies in all cadres as on date by promotion from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO, DE/CAO to DGM in different wings through DPCs and LDCEs till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.
9. Introduction of LDCE in AO promotions also. Conduct of LDCE on year to year basis till Time Bound Functional promotion is implemented.
10. Introduction of Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL with strong focus on performance. It should not be linked with existing seniority or availability of posts. Evolve a fast track mechanism in CPSU cadre hierarchy itself for faster promotions to fill up the Top management positions in future from among the internal candidates.
11. Resolution of EPF anomalies, centralized EPF payment at least Region wise, exploring the possibility of switching over to “Full Pension option”.
12. Association stands fully committed to safeguard legitimate interests of SC/ST Comrades in accordance to the provisions of the constitution and orders of DOP&T issued from time to time with regard to their seniority, promotional quota, postings etc.
13. All consequential benefits of 78.2% IDA merger from 01.01.2007 like HRA, PUC, arrears etc. for the pensioners, actual benefits from 01.01.2007.
14. Amendment of BSNLMS RR to end adhocism by increasing the Regular promotion quota from 50% to 75% in Finance / Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with the Telecom wing to have uniformity in promotions.
15. Pension revision in 2017 without linking it with pay revision. Pension contribution on the basis of the actual pay instead of the maximum of the pay scale.
16. Maintain uniformity in first time bound up-gradation i.e. four years in respect of all Executives w.e.f 01.10.2000.
17. Amendment to BSNLMS RR for bringing uniformity in promotion in Civil / Electrical/ Arch wings at par with Telecom and Finance wings.
18. Total parity in pay scales between the two wings- Civil/Elect/Arch/TF and Finance by extending Group B pay scales notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 to JTO(C/E/Arch/TF) and SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) on lines similar to JAO pay scales.
19. Notional date of promotions to the LDCE candidates as per court order.
20. Regularization of officiating JTOs and JTO rect, both Dept & Outsider quota.
21. TTAto JTO (Dept) outsider, pay loss to be addressed.
22. Perks like Transport allowance to be hiked and All India LTC, Medical payment without voucher etc to be reintroduced.
23. Settlement of long pending pay anomalies i) Pay fixation as per FRSR during officiating promotion on implementation of TBP ii) Antedating of increment iii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after promotions.

 The purpose of the verification process is that it should ultimately lead to unity of all Executives. Present multiplicities, that serves only to aid and abet the interests of the Management should totally come to an end. The quest for unity has been mooted and fostered by the JTOA and other well-meaning Associations, which has fructified and culminated in the formation of SNEA with a vast majority of the executives coming under its banner. The legacy of this Association dates back to the beginning of organized movements in the erstwhile P&T Dept. And the result of such coming together
is there for all to see. Nobody can dilute it or hide it because it has been the beacon shining in all directions. Our predecessors have handed over this shining torch to us. We cannot betray them. On the contrary, we should and will do justice to each drop of sweat and blood that they have shed for us- for the posterity. That we know requires hard work – hard work that include struggles, sweat and even blood. And that is what they have taught us not by precepts but by practice -yes, practice unparalleled, never found in any other book but in the book that was written only by them in their own inimitable style. Be sure that this is not for the weak-hearted.

If you believe that you have the right mettle, right fiber or at least the right inclination, jump on to the bandwagon -come let us write history on the murals of time and defeat the divisive forces that play into the hands of the authorities. You will be remembered not for flattering the Management but for fighting on the side of the common Executive.

Your vote can be decisive Are you on the right side Examine your conscience Exercise your franchise